COVID-19 Updates


What to do:

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I will be giving live updates periodically. Your safety and protection are the utmost importance to us!! Please continue to pray as we navigate this ever-changing crisis together.


I love you! You are amazing!!!

Ps Rich

Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Grace Members and Guest:


Like you, we are monitoring and taking seriously the spread of the new coronavirus across the globe, and we have been praying for the slow of its spread and the mitigating of its effect for many weeks now. In light of both the news around this and the best practices recommended by the Center for Disease Control, our leadership team would like to recommend to you some common-sense best practices for Grace Point Church:


1. If you are sick or experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, please stay home! You may join us online for our 10:45 am service.


2. Please wash your hands. With soap. Regularly (our staff and leaders have already embraced this practice, thank you).


3. If you have to cough or sneeze while you’re here (it happens to even the best of us, especially in allergy season), please make every effort to cover it up. In other words, do unto others…


4.  Feel free to merely wave at and give a big smile to– instead of hug or shake hands with– people you meet and greet and love on Sundays.


5. FYI, our surfaces (particularly door handles, bathroom surfaces, and Grace Kids areas) are be cleaned and sanitized after every service.


As it’s been said, at this point, as with anything contagious, prudence and prayer are both helpful.


For more information, check out: CDC Website


We love you and value you and your family safety!!




Ps Rich