Generations Campaign

We are reaching. We are building.

"One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts."
Psalm 145:4

Destiny Campaign

GPC has been called by God to equip and empower every generation to share the marvelous Gospel of Jesus Christ. Currently, our capacity to reach people and build community is severely limited! It’s time to renovate our facility so we can accommodate all generations and add critical full time staff to equip members for the purpose of reaching people and building community. We exist to reach the people of Abilene, Texas with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to build a community of disciples and leaders who will make disciples.

Campaign Update

We are so excited to have our beautiful sanctuary finished and back in use!

In the past few months we've painted Classroom 1, Room 7, the 3/4 Year Old Childrens' Classroom, 4th/5th Grade Classroom, Entryway and Hallways. The flooring has been replaced in Classroom 1 and in the 3/4 year old Children's Classroom.

We appreciate how understanding and flexible everyone has been as we work through this construction.

Thank you and we appreciate all that you do for us and have given towards our Generations Campaign. It's because of your generosity that we are able to proceed with the vision and reach more souls for Christ. We are Reaching, We are Building, We are GPC!


Planted by Pastor Kevin and Renee York out of Midland TX in 1990, our church first began as North First Community Church.  From our church we have seen several successful church plants.  In September 2002 Pastor Jeff Little, along with 50 people, planted a church in Keller TX now with 4,500 in weekly attendance.  In June 2010 Pastor Chris and Kacee Pate replanted a church in Houston TX.

In the last five years, Grace Point Church has:

  • Seen 78 disciples follow Jesus
  • Baptized 76 disciples
  • Added 95 new members to GPC
  • Raised $183,000 for missions and outreach
  • Added 6 full-time campus missionaries and 3 interns to serve our local college campuses.


We plan to raise $200,000 over the next two years for the Generations Campaign. The funds raised will be used for 5 projects (Lobby, Staff, Worship Center, Children’s Area, and Youth) carried out in two major phases.  Keep reading to learn more!

With these renovations and staff additions, GPC will have the capacity and opportunity to reach and build community with over 21,000 people in our targeted 79602 zip code.  During the completion of these renovations and staff transitions we are believing to grow 5% every year (12 families) per year for the next 5 years.  Additionally, we are believing for a vibrant campus chapter within the next two years at McMurry University.

“And all that generation also were gathered to their fathers.  And there arose another generation after them who did not know the LORD or the work that he had done for Israel.”   Judges 2:10

Failure to finish this campaign will prevent our church from accomplishing its targeted mission of reaching and expanding to a zip code of new families and students with the gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as building a community of disciples who will make disciples.  This, in turn, will result in plateauing and our eventual decline as a church.


This campaign is a two year faith journey to raise $200,000. The journey has already begun! As we endure the struggles of 2020 we’re already seeing the fruit of our commitments made on April 29, 2018.

Together we can do this. Together we can Reach People, Build Community, and set the foundation for the next generation. Together we can do even more to Honor God and advance His Kingdom!


Can my regular tithing be shifted towards the campaign?

The goal of this campaign is to raise funding for renovations that go above what Grace Point requires on a monthly basis. Shifting your tithe toward the campaign is detrimental to the day to day church budget which could lead to shortfalls in any monthly expenses. We are asking, in faith, for commitments that go above and beyond what you’re already giving regularly. We believe that God is using this opportunity to foster a heart of generosity through faith, which will cultivate exponential growth in our church body.

I'm in! When can I make my commitment?

Although the campaign has already begun, you can still have a huge impact on the campaign and our ability to reach future generations. You can fill out a commitment card and drop it in the giving buckets on any Sunday.

Why is my participation important?

This campaign is about more than just hiring staff members and remodeling a building. We are calling this faith journey “Generations” because we are including every generation in our church family. We want to work together as we enhance out capability to reach people and build community. Although we all give at different levels, the impact will be tremendous when we participate together, regardless of the amount given.