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Every Nation Campus

Change the Campus, Change the World

Campus Nights

It is clear that we are called to a great mission, "go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." and we take that calling seriously. We engage culture and community, establish biblical foundations, equip believers to minister and empower disciples to make disciples. Join us at Grace Point Church on Wednesday nights at 7pm for our weekly Campus Night. An evening of worship, prayer, with timely sermons, Campus Nights are the launching ground from where we are equipped for reaching the nations.

Discipleship Groups

Community is a vital part to any christian life, and one of our primary ways of fostering those communities is through weekly Discipleship Groups. Student led and Christ empowered, these groups not only help to inspire christian living, but build lifelong friendships in a space where students can be vulnerable to each other safely.

Our D-Group Schedule
Other Events

From events like Nerd Night where we play board games and video games and eat junk food, to All Night Prayer and Worship, we love doing all aspects of life with each other. We are a part of a larger organization of churches and campus ministries, and join our friends from other campuses in Texas for Region Retreats and ENC Conferences. We not only build relationships here in Abilene, but all over the world too!

Upcoming Events

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